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Garage (RX): For Time

30-20-10 Double DB Thrusters/Double KB Thrusters

Double DB Clean and Jerks/KB Clean and Jerks

Minimal: For Time

30-20-10 Backpack Thrusters Backpack Clean & Jerks

GYM (RX+): For Time

30-20-10 Wall Balls 20/14 Power Clean 50% of body weight. Add 20 lbs each round.

Ok, so it's been long enough. It's #2forTuesday so let's throw some weights around!

This should be a workout that you can move through most of the sets unbroken. At first, as this goes through, you have to have a game plan for your breaks. These are both 2 huge movements and can totally suck the life out of you. When you're on rep 15 of the 20 round and your hands are on your knees, don't worry, this is what it's supposed to do. So bend over, pick those weights up, and push on!

The weight should be moderate to heavy if you're using DBs or KBs. If you want to channel your inner Viking and have a barbell see the above rep scheme for the Gym (RX+) version and enjoy the pain. If you have multiple DBs or KBs at home then you can do the same baby! You can go up to the next weight each round. Let's see how that goes!

With all this lifting please make sure to take care of the power back and keep that core tight. If you feel your lower back start to burn, lighten up and get back at it.

Have fun. Stay safe but attack this one like the viking you are!

Let's get it!!!

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