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5 Wall Walks

30 Dumbbell/Kettlebell Thrusters



5 Wall Walks

30 Backpack Thrusters

Welcome to the post-Taco Tuesday workout!

Hopefully when you're covered in sweat today it doesn't smell like guacamole.

How would one play that scenario? Be grossed out and hit the showers? Or maybe grab some chips and call the boys? Thankfully we'll never find out.

So let's shake off the tequila headache and crack into this workout.

We have a lot of work to do above your head today so make sure you warm up your arms and shoulders, a lot. The intensity of this workout is mostly decided by your ability to do Wall Walks. If it's a new movement for you, don't start off rushing through them. As you'll see, they can become very taxing and they ask a lot of your shoulders and core. We would like to see 15 minutes of solid work, not you speeding through this lots of breaks.

Wall Walks

Here's a great video with a little more detail than the one above. If going completely face to the wall is something that you're mobility won't allow that's fine, just get as close as you can (that still sucks enough to count). And don't'll get another crack at these Wall Walks soon enough.


We want you to focus on being patient in the pushout of the thruster. If you start into the press too early, you're not taking advantage of the momentum you create coming out of the squat. Be more efficient and smooth by being patient. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

So there you go. If you come out of the gate too hot on this one, you'll see what we were talking about. That doesn't mean don't push it, just know that once you get into that "redline" state where you cant catch you're breath its very very difficult to keep going without taking a lot of breaks. We will have days that call for pushing yourself to this place. This is not one of them.

Let us know how it went today. Keep putting those scores into Wodify and feel free to hit us up with ANY questions.

Don't forget the merch store is open! It's scientifically proven that wearing RoadieFit makes you 2086% sexier.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Let's get It!

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