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Garage (RX)

20 Min AMRAP

2 Burpees to Plate

2 OH Squats with Plate

2 OH Lunges with Plate

2 Sit-Ups

**Each Round Double The Reps Per Movement 4 of each, 8, 16, 32, etc.


20 Min AMRAP

2 Burpees to target

2 OH Squats (Backpack)

2 OH Lunges (Backpack)

2 Sit-Ups

**Each Round Double The Reps Per Movement 4 of each, 8, 16, 32, etc.

Get your calculators out! We're making you meatheads do some math!

At "3...2...1...Go!" You will complete 2 Burpees to Plate, 2 Overhead Squats, 2 Overhead Lunges, then 2 Sit-Ups. Then you will complete 4 reps of those 4 movements. Then 8, then 16, and on and on. Doubling the reps each round. This doubling rep scheme continues for 20 minutes. Your score will be rounds and reps. For example, if you make it into the 32 reps round, you're in round 5. So if you get 32 Burpees done when time runs out, your score is 4 plus 32. The weight should be light to moderate.

We know that when we're mid-workout we turn into a bumbling fools who can't add 10 and 1, so we'll write out the rounds on our whiteboards before we start. That way, we'll have something to look at when we get done with burpee number 16 and we don't know where our feet are.

Make sure you warm up those shoulders and try those overhead movements out to make sure they are safe.

Ain't nothing to it but to do it!

Cheat Sheet

Round 1: 2 of each- 8

Round 2: 4 of each- 16

Round 3: 8 of each- 32

Round 4: 16 of each- 64

Round 5: 32 of each- 128

Round 6: 64 of each- 256

Have fun. Stay safe.

Let's get it!

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