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Garage (RX)

15 Minute AMRAP

100 Double Unders

30 Wall Balls (20/14)


15 Minute AMRAP

100 Double Unders/200 Single Unders/ 100 Backpack Lateral Hops

30 Backpack Thrusters

Dubs and Balls. Just for you! 😀

At 3...2...1... Go! You will launch into 100 Double Unders, or 200 Single Unders, or 100 Backpack Lateral Hops. After that, you will do 30 Wall balls or 30 backpack thrusters. You will repeat these two movements for 15 minutes. Your score is how many rounds and reps you complete in the 15 minutes.

If you are moderately skilled with Double Unders or just kind of getting them, this is a great workout to work on them. If they start taking too long, go ahead and scale down to single unders and get a good workout in. We don't want to see you only get 2 rounds because dubs took forever.

If you're doing the lateral hops it doesn't necessarily have to be the backpack, especially if it is really bulky. A mat or a few towels stacked will work just fine and if jumping doesn't work for you, feel free to scale it down to stepovers.

This is another smooth and steady get shit done workout. Don't move at too fast of a pace or you'll find yourself taking too many breaks.


Let's get it!!!

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