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"Swole Patrol"

Garage (RX)

3 Rounds For Time

30 Jumping Air Squats

30 Double Dumbbell Floor Press

Max Unbroken Push Ups Hands on Dumbbells

30 Sit-Ups


3 Rounds For Time

30 Jumping Air Squats

30 Water Jug Floor Press

Max Unbroken Push Ups Hands on something elevated

30 Sit-Ups

It's Monday you beautiful, fresh and rested fitness fanatics! That means another week to get after our fitness goals.

If you're doing our program every day or just picking at it, we're super glad to have you playing along. Our little world of nutbags is growing and we love it! So what better way to show you how much we appreciate than making your chest super huge like you have a Jeep under your shirt!

So let's get into this bruiser.

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start the 30 Jumping Air Squats. Then, you'll lay down and complete the 30 Floor Presses with a huge smile on your face. Immediately after that, you will flip over and start doing as many Push-Ups as you can possibly do on those Dumbbells. When you get to the point where you can't do anymore Push Ups (safely), you will stop and proceed to the 30 Sit-Ups. That's 1 round. You will complete 3 rounds and then, your score is the time it takes to finish all three.

The weight for this should be light to moderate. The intended stimulus of this workout is to wear out your chest. On the other movements, we want you to steadily keep moving and get back to those push-ups. Really go hard on the unbroken Push-Ups. Even if it takes you a few seconds in between those last few reps each round. We really want to shock that chest. That's how we make it strong!

Dumbbell Floor Press

It can be kind of awkward to get going with this movement. I personally like to start with the weights on my knees and as I roll down to my back kick them up into my hands. Watch the video above, they do a great job of explaining how to get into the movement. Note that in the video above they ask that you lay your feet flat while doing the lift. We don't care if you do that or put your feet flat. Just pick one and stick with it no matter what. And if you do put your feet flat make sure you keep your butt on the ground. This will also work with Kettlebells or Water Jugs.

Push-Ups on the Dumbbells

Start by putting your hands where you would normally put them on the dumbbells. The goal of this is for when you are in the lower part of the movement your chest is slightly lower than your hands. Its Like putting a little Cayenne Pepper on em. Find a moderate to fast pace and do as many as you possibly can. But that means with technique. If lower your back starts dipping and you cant keep yourself straight, go ahead and stop and try again next round. This will also work with some books, bricks, or anything to get your hands off the ground and your chest in between them.

Side Note... Push-ups on Dumbbells like this are great for people who have wrist pain when doing Push-Ups.

Alright. That's the meat and potatoes of this thing. If you have any questions or need any more tips or advice please hit us up. We're here to help.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Lets get it!

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