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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Garage (RX)

For Time

10 to 1 Burpee Box Jumps Overs

20 Box Dips after every round


For Time

10 to 1 Burpee Box/Case Jump Overs

20 Box/Bench/Chair Dips after every round

At 3...2...1...Go! You will complete 10 BBJO then, 20 Dips. Next, you will complete 9 BBJO then, 9 Dips. You will keep this rep scheme until you complete the last round which is 1 BBJ0 and 20 Dips.

The intended stimulus for this is a steady pace through the whole workout. It moves somewhat slow with the BBJO so your heart rate shouldn't get very high. If you find your self with an extremely elevated heart rate or in the "Red Zone" slow down the pace. We would rather this take a few minutes longer with fewer breaks.

Burpee Box Jump Overs

This is a very big movement and it takes a few seconds to complete one. So if you aren't proficient in these do not try and haul ass. lay back and get comfortable then speed up if you feel like it. Unlike most Box Jumps you do not have to fully stand up on top of the box. As long as you take off with two feet on the ground, and both feet on top of the box, then both feet land on the other side that counts. Oh and no hands!!!

If you need to scale or modify you can always drop the height of the box. If the jump doesn't work for you or if its too much impact try stepping up and over.


We recommend doing them on whatever you're doing the BBJO on but sometimes life doesn't work that way. just make sure its sturdy and can some action. In the video above it talks about feet placement and the varying difficulty it adds. Watch it. It will help.

Be careful on those jumps and make sure you get both those feet up on that box.

Like always we're here, lurking in the background if you ever need anything.

Side note. New Merch and a big giveaway coming Soon!!!

Have Fun. Stay Safe.

Let's get it!!!

P.S...This video. This is Sam Briggs. Try to be like her. ✌🏻

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