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Twas the day before MURPH and all were resting.. or if you're like Courtney.. freaking out about running an actual straight mile for the first time since MURPH last year 🤫

T-Minus one day to the workout of all workouts.

On Monday, May 25th most gyms across the U.S. will be doing a very special workout called Murph, in honor of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy.  The workout consists of 2 total miles of running, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats.  This workout is intense to say the least, most would call it insane.

The workout not only pays tribute to a hero who sacrificed everything to save his team, but requires athletes to face fears, uncertainties and fatigue much like our service men and women face on a daily basis.

Packing this much training into one single day can be pretty devastating, and should not be taken lightly.  So let's talk about prep..

  1. Hydrate early. You should always consume half of your body weight in ounces of water everyday, but this is especially true for this weekend.  Remember things like alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate you.  So if you are planning on having a few Memorial day beers this weekend, you need to drink even more water.  Starting now you need to up the amount of water you are drinking and find an electrolyte that is not full of sugar (ie. Gatorade).

  2. Sleep a lot. Sleep speeds up recovery, but it will also help prepare your bodies for performance on Monday.  Try to sleep a full 8 hours tonight.  If it's s hard for you to sleep 8 hours straight, try to find some times throughout the day to nap.

  3. Eat.  Then, eat some more.  You need to start packing in calories NOW.  Simply put, get lots of really good foods into your body this weekend.  Balance out your macronutrients equally (protein, fat and carbs).  Choose foods with lots of vitamins and minerals (veggies and fruits).  The day of Murph, you need to have a healthy breakfast about 2 hours beforehand. Don't eat anything that will sit in your stomach (no dairy products!) for too long.  We recommend fruit, one or two eggs max, and a handful of almonds.  If you are feeling a little hungry right before the workout, eat another piece of fruit.  This also means that you did not eat enough over the weekend.

So you've decided to compete in an event that is a bit uncomfortable, a stretch, and one that makes you a little nervous — GOOD! There is so much benefit that comes from putting yourself in a challenging experience, especially one where there is low risk. Murph, Ironmans, and similar big challenges create a goal with measurable targets which we, humans in general, excel at achieving. Let’s be honest, there are no limits to your capabilities, once you have selected a target; broken down the work to accomplish it, and then hit it religiously.

That said, we all won’t be able to become the best in the world — but maybe, just maybe, we’ll discover our potential.

Okay one day at a time, so let's recap..

Day before MURPH:

  • Drink water and take a rest day — seriously, it’ll help a lot

  • Drink all the water

  • Replenish Electrolytes


  • Eat and eat clean foods

  • Protein = anything grilled or baked, preferably fish or chicken

  • Carbs = potatoes or rice would be ideal

  • Fat = avocado, nuts, whole eggs etc

  • Don'ts = pizza, anything fried, anything processed, fast food, leafy vegetables, spicy

Sleep well and fuel up.

Let's get ready to get it!!!

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