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20 Goblet Squats

18 Single Kettlebell Weighted Step Ups

16 Single Kettlebell Weighted Walking Lunges



20 Goblet Squats

18 Weighted Step Ups

16 Weighted Walking Lunges

At 3...2...1... Go! You will perform twenty Goblet Squats followed by eighteen weighted Step Ups (Alternating nine per leg) then, sixteen Walking Lunges (Alternating eight per leg). That's one round. You will perform as many rounds and reps as possible in the 20 minute period. Your score will be the total number of rounds and reps performed.

The weight should be moderate to heavy. As heavy as you can get without compromising technique and safety.

The intended stimulus of this is a slower steady push. When you break, we'd prefer it to be from the weight of the element, not your heart rate being too high. This is done with a single weight.

Goblet Squats

If you're doing this with a Kettlebell there are a few ways to hold it. I personally prefer to make a basket out of my hands and put the bell there. Letting the handle go off to the side over my wrist. You can also hold the sides of the handle and then the bell be above or below. This puts a little more stress on stabilizing the KB and incorporates more core strength. Exhausting you a bit faster. Whatever you choose just make sure the weight doesn't pull you too far forward. Let the weight rest against your chest if your falling forward a lot. We want you to stay on your heels and incorporate those glutes. When you feel your toes taking a lot of weight that switches the work over to your quads mainly. And that's not our goal and its not efficient.

Step Ups

Doing Step Ups with one hand loaded can be pretty awkward. Depending on what you're using for a weight can decide how you move. You can use any style to hold the weight You can use a suitcase style. Meaning your arm is straight down by your side. Or front rack style. Like we did with the Goblet Squats. Just make sure you try a few reps and figure out your plan before you start.

Doing these with one hand really incorporates the stabilizers in your core. Making it a little harder to keep your balance as you step through. So make sure your feet and hips stay inline. Feet are shoulder width and your weight pushes through your heel, not your toes.

Walking Lunges

A lot of this movement is like the step ups. Feet shoulder width or slightly wider. Knee tracking over your toes and pressing through the heel. Then we add a single weight. You can carry it however you want. You can do suitcase style and move it back and forth from left to right hand evenly or put it in the front rack. Like the position you had with the Goblet Squats.

If at any time during this your Quads are burning that means you are not properly keeping your weight on your heels. Slow down focus on technique and fix it. Also, this has the potential to put lot of stress on the lower back if you arent keeping a tight core for every movement. So pay attention to how it's feeling. And if it starts feeling tight or burning slow down and fix it. And if it's still burning or tight after you fix the movement stop the workout and go stretch.

Sorry to be so long winded today. We just want you knuckleheads to have all the info you need to cush this workout.

We're here if you need anything.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Let's get it!!!

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