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For Time, adding one movement per round:

11 Pull-Ups

27 Double-Unders

19 Burpees

78 Sit-Ups

100 Air Squats

At 3...2...1...Go! You will perform 11 Pull-Ups. That's round 1. Next, you will perform 11 Pull Ups and 27 Double Unders. That's round 2. After that, you will perform 11 Pull-Ups, 27 Double Unders, and 19 Burpees. That's round 3. Then you will do 11 Pull-Ups, 27 Dubs, 19 Burpees, and 78 Sit-Ups. That's round 4. Finally, you will perform 11 Pull-Ups, 27 Double Unders, 19 Burpees, 78 Sit-Ups, and 100 Air Squats. That's round 5. Your score is the time it takes to complete all 5 rounds.

The intended stimulus for this workout is longer slower paced grind. The most efficient way to attack this is a slower tempo with as few breaks as possible.

This workout can end up taking a long time if you aren't proficient at these movements. So that being said don't be afraid to scale or modify these movements to something that you can move through quickly and safely. Especially the Pull-Ups.

Background:This memorial WOD is dedicated to Harvey Bernard Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978) who was an American politician and the first openly gay elected official in the history of California, where he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Milk was assassinated in San Francisco City Hall.

Despite his short career in politics, Milk became an icon in San Francisco and a martyr in the gay community. In 2002, Milk was called "the most famous and most significantly open LGBT official ever elected in the United States."

We first found this OUTWOD (@outwod) workout via a vlog by Myles Shupe (@myleslifts) as a vlog he posted a few days after OUTWOD posted the workout on Facebook. Myles completed the workout in 21:05.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Lets get it!!!

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