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For Time

100 Pull-Ups/Kipping Pull-Ups

100 Push-Ups

100 Sit-Ups

100 Air Squats



For Time

30 Ring Rows 

30 Incline/Bench Push-Ups

30 Sit-Ups

30 Air Squats

Complete all reps of each exercise in the order written before moving to the next. Score is the time it takes to complete all 400 repetitions.

The intended stimulus for “Angie” should feel really difficult during the push-ups and the pull-ups (your upper body should be totally fatigued), and then fast and fun during the sit-ups and air squats. Unlike many CrossFit-style workouts, “Angie” actually gets easier as the time ticks on. Scale the volume so you can finish in under 30 minutes; but don’t scale the feeling where you’re questioning “how many pull-ups do I have left?” out of this workout. Break the pull-up and push-up reps into small sets to avoid burnout. A big set of pull-ups right out of the gate will hurt your score more than help it. When you get to the squats, go hard and go fast–your lower body hasn’t been worked up until now, so it’s time to fly. “Angie” is all about muscular fatigue. If needed, scale the volume; but not so much to where you never feel the exhausting sensation of muscle overload. If Rx pull-ups and/or push-ups aren’t available to you yet, pick a challenging scale that allows you to complete unbroken sets of 5, at least such as ring rows and/or incline push-ups.

Scaling Rep Options

Intermediate For Time 50 Pull-Ups 50 Push-Ups 50 Sit-Ups 50 Air Squats

Beginner 2 Rounds For Time 30 Ring Rows  30 Incline/Bench Push-Ups 30 Anchored Sit-Ups 30 Air Squats

Stay safe. Let's get it!!!

This is a long one.. so here's Mike's playlist to keep you company.

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