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12-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

20 Db/Kb Goblet Squats

20 Single Arm Db/Kb Strict Press L

20 Single Arm Db/Kb Strict Press R

20 Weighted Walking lunges


12-minute AMRAP

20 Backpack/Sandbag Goblet Squats

20 Single Arm Strict Press L

20 Single Arm Strict Press R

20 Walking lunges (With weight)

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 20 Goblet Squats. Followed by 20 Strict Presses per arm one at a time. Finally, you perform 20 walking lunges with that same weight by your side. that's 1 Round completed. you will complete as many rounds and reps as possible in the 12-minute window. Your score is the total of rounds and reps completed at the 12-minute mark.

The weight for this workout should be light to moderate. Pick your weight based on what the strict presses feel like. You will end up doing a lot of reps, going too heavy could slow you down too much and we can't have that.

The intended stimulus for today's workout is an elevated heart rate for the whole 12 minutes. not a sprint like yesterday. If a sprint pace heart rate is 100%. Wed like around 75% for this. You still moving but your still focused on smooth quality reps.

Goblet Squats

It's ok to let the weight rest on your chest when doing these. Just make sure like in any squat you are putting your weight mainly on your heels. that incorporates your posterior chain. those box sexy glutes and hamstrings. If you let the weight push through your toes it moves the stress more the quads on the front of the leg. And that's not efficient and your quads might explode.

Strict Press

With a Kettlebell, Dumbell, Milk Jug, whatever the same principles apply. Start with the weight on your bicep. Elbow raised. Keep a tight core and pull shoulders the back. Chest high and slightly poked out. Push the weight straight up and lock out the elbow. Push your bead back past your bicep and lock out. Slowly return the weight to resting on your bicep.

Walking Lunges

The main thing we want you to keep an eye on is your feet in relation to your knee. If you step out for the lunge and that step foot isn't inline or slightly behind the knee its in the wrong spot. you want to be able to press through your heels kinda like the squat. We want to use those sexy glutes and hammy on this.

Make sure you put those scores in Wodify.

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