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10 MIN E2MOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

10 DeadLifts

10 Hand Release Push-Ups

Welcome to this week. It's just like the one before but different because now we have last week's work to build on. Piece by piece. Brick by brick. Do work.

At 3...2...1... Go! You will have 2 minutes to perform 10 Deadlifts and 10 Hand Release Push-Ups. If you're done before the 2 minutes is up you will rest until the next 2 minute period starts. When the clock hits 2:00 you will have the next 2 minutes (2:00-4:00) to finish the next round of 10 deadlifts and 10 Hand Release Push-Ups. Again resting until the next 2 minute (4:00-6:00) period starts. You will continue this work/rest scheme until the 10 minutes are complete.

There is no score for this workout. In Wodify it will ask you for a time you can leave it blank or put 10:00. We have it set up like that so you can still add some notes.

The weight for the deadlifts should be as heavy as you can possibly go without stopping or losing technique. You can use whatever element you want to use. Also, you can use whatever deadlift technique you'd like. Sumo or Traditional.

CLICK HERE For deadlift style video.

The intended stimulus for this workout is just like an interval workout. Work then, rest over and over again until you’re done. When performing the reps we would like you to do all the reps without stopping, or just stopping when you transition into the next movement. Later in the workout, you might not be able to do all the reps without stopping, and that's totally fine. Make sure you test out all the movements before you start and make sure you can complete the reps in the time allotted.

If you find yourself not able to complete all the reps in the 2 min time period toward the end of the workout we want you to change the workout from an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) to an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). So you will just keep doing 10 Deadlifts and 10 Push-Ups until the 10 minutes are up. EMOM workouts can really be a pain in the ass. We tried to make this to where you should have time to rest after the reps.


Safety is the first thing we're going to worry about. Most of us probably won't be heavy enough for the weight to cause damage but it is possible. Make sure you do some deadlift reps beforehand to see how they feel. Watch the video we put up and then watch it again. Deadlifts are not a dangerous thing if you stay focused on your technique. Especially your core and lower back. Keep the core fully engaged like you're bracing for a punch. And you want to have your back in a neutral position during the whole movement. You can easily deadlift 10 pounds but when you do it 100 times with your back in an unhealthy position you can potentially cause some serious damage.

HERE is a quick video on how to find a neutral spine.

HERE is another deadlift technique video.

Things you can deadlift.





Duffle or Backpack

Milk Crate


Water Jugs

Big Rocks


Small child

Hand Release Push-Ups

These are slightly more difficult than traditional push-ups. They force you to lower your chest all the way to the ground. Also, you have to lose tension and recreate it when you lift your hands. So if you aren't proficient in Push-Ups just take out the hand release part and do whatever variation feels comfortable enough to do 10 unbroken.

If you have questions about the workout or weight to use, reach out to us and we'll do our best to get back to you ASAP.


RoadieFitm on FB

Have fun. Stay safe.

Lets get it!!!

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