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For Time

30 Front Squats

30 Shoulder Press

30 Box Jumps


For Time

30 Milk Jug Front Squats

30 Milk Jug Shoulder Press

30 Step Ups

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 30 Squats. Then, 30 Presses and 30 Box Jumps or Step Ups. Your score will be the total time it takes to complete all 90 reps.

The weight for this should be moderate to heavy. Front squats can put a lot of stress on your shoulder mobility and your lower back. Keep your core engaged and chest up even if you're just doing air squats. On the presses, keep paying attention to that core engagement. Don't let your back go into hyperextension. Pull those ribs down and drive through your heels!

We don't want to see an all out sprint right out of the gate. Pace it out, breathe through the squats and just keep moving.

Remember to check out Wodify for those golden warmups we put together!

And keep staying tuned for some free stuff next week.

**HINT** You'll need to be signed up in Wodify to win!

Have fun. Stay safe and remember to just keep fucking going!!!!!!!!!

Let's get it!!!

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