• MikeMega


15 Min AMRAP

10 Devils Press

20 Sit-Ups

400m Run

Welcome back to another week fam! Another week on this spinning rock that in the grand scheme of the universe is meaningless. But not to us. This is another chance to get our shit together or keep getting our shit together. I love Mondays for this reason. No matter how bad I fuck up or how off the rails I go there's always a Monday around the corner. A day of hope and promise. Another chance to shake off the failures of last week and try try again. So let's go.

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 10 Devils presses. Then you will perform 20 Sit-Ups followed by a 400m run. That is 1 round. you will complete as many rounds and reps as you can in the 15 minutes. Your score is the number of rounds and reps you complete in the 15 minute period.

The weight for this workout should be light to moderate. We would like to see you move smoothly through the devils presses.

The intended stimulus for this workout should be smooth controlled pace. We want to see fewer breaks with bigger sets.

Nothing fancy here. Just do work.

Let's get it!

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