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12 Min AMRAP

7 Devils Press

14 Sit-Ups

21 Air Squats


12 Min AMRAP

7 Kettlebells/Water Jugs/Backpack Devils Press

14 Sit-Ups

21 Air Squats


400m Run


3 min AMRAP

5 Burpees

5 Air Squats (:3 hold at the bottom)

5 Push-Ups

At 3...2...1 Go! You will start with 7 Devils Presses. Next, you will perform 14 Sit-Ups and 21 Air Squats. That's one round. Your score will be the number of rounds and reps completed within the 12 minutes.

The weight for this should be moderate. We want you to be challenged on the Devils Presses, but we want them to be smooth and steady. So don't go too heavy, you meatheads.

The intended stimulus of this is about 80% of a sprint pace. We picked these movements so you can get more than a few rounds in. 😉

Do work.

Let us get it!!!

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