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2 Rounds of

:30 sec High Knees in place

:30 sec Knee Taps

:30 sec Jumping Jacks

:30 sec Plank hold

:30 sec Shoulder Taps

:30 sec Rest


10 Min EMOM

8 Push-Ups

Max distance Run

The high score in Wodify for this gets a free t-shirt!!

Our new mack daddy add 20 lbs to every major lift white Merica T!!!

For free!!!

By midnight tomorrow night have your scores in. Person with the most meters of running wins. Video it and put it in the FB members group or here on this blog! Either way please use the honor system! Or well be doing burpees for a week straight.😳

How did coach know????

At 3...2...1...Go! You will perform 8 Push-Ups. Next, you will take off and run until the minute is complete. When that happens you will drop and do 8 Pushups. You will repeat this pattern every minute for 10 Minutes. Your score will be the total distance completed while running.

The intended stimulus for this workout is an all out sprint. Use whatever version or scale of the Push-Ups that you know you can fly through 8. If that's knees on the ground, your hands on something elevated, or even standing against a wall. It's all ok. Just make sure it's not too easy. We want it to get hard eventually.

But this is all about the run. Focus on your transitions in and out of the Push-Ups and don't let them take too long. Find a good marking point so you can keep track of how far you run.

Its only 10 minutes.

Keep that body moving!!!!

Let's get it!!!

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