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3 Min Speed Rope Warmup


3 Rounds Not for Time

PVC/Broomstick Strict Military Press

PVC/Broomstick/ Resistance band Passover

Walking Lunges

If you are doing Double Unders in the workout today, work on those. Warm up with at least 3 sets of 20-30 reps.

If you've never done Dubs or are still working on them take the first 90 seconds and play around with them. It's fun.


5 Rounds For Time

8 Pull-Ups

40 Double Unders


5 Rounds For Time

10 Banded Pull-Ups/Bent Over Rows

40 Lateral Hops

Get those Speed Ropes out cupcakes!!!!

There are some movements we kind of backed off of when COVID hit... But we're feeling good, you all are looking sexy af, and no one can tell us not to so we're going to start introducing some of those movements back into our world. So today here's 2 of 'em.


At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 8 Pull-Ups. Next, you will perform 40 Double Unders. That's one round. Your score is the time it takes to complete 5 rounds.

The intended stimulus for this workout is a chest burner. If you were lucky enough to do yesterday's workout you know what 100% all-out means. So that being said we want you at about 85% intensity for this one.

Scales and Modifications

Pull Ups- When say Pull-Ups in a workout we will accept almost any version that gets your chin above the bar. So we'll take Butterfly, Kipping, and Strict Pull-Ups. If you're not proficient with Pull-Ups yet this is a great opportunity for you to work on developing this movement. My favorite scale is the Jumping Pull Up. You can also do Banded Strict Pull-Ups. But we prefer the Jumping Pull-Ups to start with. Here's another way you can get a Pull-Up type stimulus. Here!!

If none of these work for you there's always good ole Bent Over Rows. It's not the same stimulus as the Pull Ups but it's a safe way to work most of the same muscle groups as the Pull-Ups.

Double Unders

So if you're not proficient with Dubs but can get through some of them, this is a great workout to kinda push through and work on those Dubs. If you aren't doing Dubs you can scale these to Single Unders at a 1:3 ratio. Meaning 120 Single Unders per round today.

Or if you don't have a Speed Rope you can do lateral hops. We like to have something on the ground to jump over. A Db, Abmat, or anything that means you have to get those feet a few inches off the ground. Do these at a 1:1 ratio. Meaning today you would do 40 lateral hops. You'll see!

Do work. Every damn day.

Lets get it!!!

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