• RoadieFit



3 Rounds Not For Time

5 Burpees

Standing Toe Touches

PVC Passovers

PVC Strict Press


Dumbbell DT

5 Rounds For Time

12 DB Deadlifts

9 DB Hang Power Cleans

6 DB Push Jerks


Dumbbell DT

5 Rounds For Time

12 Water Jug/Backpack Deadlifts

9 Water Jug/Backpack Hang Power Cleans

6 Water Jug/Backpack Push Jerks

"DT" is normally done with a barbell loaded to 155/105. It's a very very fun workout because of the way the movements flow together but it still beautifully sucks.

So we're going to do our RoadieFit version of it. Just because we don't have barbells at our disposal doesn't mean we can't get dirty too. DT with dumbbells is a friggin power move and we respect anyone who even squares up with this baby. The only way through it is to do it!

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 12 Deadlifts. After that, you can go directly into the 9 HPCs and then, immediately into the 6 Push Jerks. That's one round. Your score is the time it takes to complete all 5 rounds.

The intended stimulus for this workout is a hard push. A sped-up tempo trying to get big chunks of reps down without breaking.

The weight should be the heaviest you can manage while staying safe.

Let's get it!

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