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2 Rounds

:30 secs High Knees

:30 secs Heel Taps

:30 secs Plank Hold

:30 secs Shoulder Taps

:30 secs Crunches

:30 secs 6” Killers


For Time

Run 1,600 meters

Rest 3 minutes

Run 1,200 meters

Rest 2 minutes

Run 800 meters

Rest 1 minute

Run 400 meters


At 3…2…1…Go! You will perform a 1600 meter run then take a 3 minute rest. After that, you will complete a 1200 meter run then take a 2 minute rest. Next, you will perform an 800m run followed by a 1 minute rest. Finally, you will complete a 400m run and then you are finished. Your score is the total time it takes to complete all the runs.


The intended stimulus for this workout is some good old fashioned intervals. Get that heart rate jacked and then let it rest. Over and over. It's like doing bicep curls for your aerobic capacity.

Nothing fancy about this at all. Try and avoid a treadmill if you can. Get outside and get some life in those lungs.

Do work.

Lets Get It!!!

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