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Rest Day

Annnnnd on this day, we say “Happy Birthday” to the Queen of RoadieFit, Courtney Shea!

She’s pretty damn important to this whole crazy community. She’s the one who took an idea that I would ramble on about and actually made it into something that exists.

You hear from me every day telling you about the workouts but, she’s responsible for “literally” everything else. She built the website. Version 1 and 2. She handles all the clothing and preorders (Which are coming soon. We'll have news this week.)and she takes care of all of the social media accounts. She’s our accountant, our marketing department, our shipping department, she’s our fitness model and she kept RoadieFit from getting shut down a few times.

So we all (especially me) owe her thanks for never giving up on us.

But the most important job of all, I feel, is a proofreader. She takes my sometimes incoherent banana hands bullshit and makes it into the barely legible blog you get every day. A lot of times I just puke words down into the blog and she has to make seem like an adult wrote it. And does. And does it well.

So if this one is bad its because I didn't letg her proof it 😉

So as you rest today make sure you tip a glass, smash a plate, sacrifice a virgin, whatever your normal send some love ritual is... Send some to Courtney.

We're lucky to have her minding the wheel.

“As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal;

Keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole.

Happy Birthday Court!!!!!!

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