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200910 Run/Tap E2MOM


2 Rounds Not For time

:30 Sec High Knees

:30 Sec Heel Taps

5 Worlds Greatest Stretch per side

10 Inch Worms

10 Cossacks Squats

10 Ab Crunches


For Time

1600m Run

Every 2 mins 20 Shoulder Taps

Rest as needed

1600m Run

Every 2 mins 10 Push-Ups


At 3…2…1…Go! You will start on the first mile run. During that run every 2 minutes you will stop and perform 20 shoulder taps in the plank position. When you're done with the 1st mile you will rest as needed before you start the second. Next, you will run another mile or 1600 meters. During the run every 2 minutes you will drop and perform 10 Push-Ups. You will have two scores to input into Wodify. Your time for each mile individually.


The weight for this workout should be your body. But if you want to ratchet it up a bit throw a vest on. Or carry a sandbag or backpack.


The intended stimulus for this workout is about 70 to 80% of a sprint. Make sure you don’t take too long transitioning in and out of the Push-Ups or taps. Get down get them done and get moving

Scales and Mods

You can modify the shoulder traps by just doing a plank to failure or :30 seconds.

The Push-Ups can be modified by changing to a plank or shoulder taps. Or if the reps are too much simply scale it to 5 reps every 2 minutes.

Let's get it!!!

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