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Runs and Push Ups


50 Jumping Jacks

:30 High Knees

:30 Butt Kicks

10 Cossacks Squats

10 Leg swings side to side (per leg)

10 Leg swings front to back (per leg)

:30 High Plank Hold

20 Shoulder Taps


For Time

800m Run

20 Push-Ups

600m Run

30 Push-Ups

400m Run

40 Push-Ups

200m Run

50 Push-Ups


At 3…2…1…Go! You will take off on an 800m Run. When you get done you will perform 20 Push Ups. Next, you will do a 600m Run followed by 30 Push Ups. After that, you will do a 400m Run followed by 40 Push Ups. And after that, you will finish it off with a 200m Run and then 50 Push-Ups. Your score is the total time it takes to complete all the runs and reps.


This is a low intensity smooth and steady workout. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push it. Find a good pace where you don’t have to break often and stick it out.

Scales and Mods

Do whatever version of the Push-Ups is manageable. If you can do normal Push-Ups but not many, go ahead and scale it down to something you can knock out quickly with good technique.

Let's Get It!!!

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