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Devils Box Jumps


3 Rounds Not For Time

10 PVC Deadlifts

10 PVC Back Squats

10 PVC Strict Press


3 Rounds For Time

20 Dumbbell Devils Press

20 Box Jumps


3 Rounds For Time

20 Sandbag Devils Press

20 Box Jumps


At 3…2…1…Go! You will perform 20 Devils Presses. Next, you will do 20 Box Jumps and that will complete one round. Your score is the time it takes to complete all 3 rounds.


The weight for this workout should be moderate to heavy. Go as heavy as you can without taking a lot of breaks.


The intended stimulus for this workout is close to s sprint. These are big movements so we don’t recommend going all out. But you should definitely be pushing the tempo to be a little faster.

Scales and Mods

If you need to modify the movement just break the Deals press down into parts. Start with a deadlift. Then hang clean them up to the front rack position and press them overhead and lockout your elbows. That would replace one DP.

Box Jumps can be scald by lowering the jump height out changing the movement to alternating Step Ups

Let's Get It!!!

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