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50 Jumping jacks

:30 sec High Knees

:30 sec Heel Taps

:30 Plank Hold

:30 Shoulder Taps

50 Jumping Jacks


For Time

400m Run

25 Sit Ups

400m Run

25 Bird Dogs

400m Run

25 Inch Worms

400m Run

25 Flutter Kicks


At 3…2…1…Go! You will take off on a 400m Run and then perform 25 Sit-Ups. Next, you will do a 400m Run and then perform 25 Bird Dogs. After that, you will do a 400m Run. And then perform 25 Inch Worms. Finally, you will do a 400m run followed by 25 Fluter Kicks. Your score is the time it takes to complete all the runs and reps.


The intended stimulus for this workout is a longer lower intensity workout. This a long sweat. A metabolism booster!

Let's Get It!!!

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