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2 Rounds

:30 secs High Knees

:30 secs Heel Taps

:30 secs Plank Hold

:30 secs Shoulder Taps

:30 secs Crunches

:30 secs 6” Killers


5 RNFT (Rest as needed in between)

Max Effort Plank Hold

20 Shoulder Taps

20 Bird Dogs

Max Effort 6" Killer hold

20 Russian Twists

20 Flutter Kicks


At 3…2…1…Go! You will start a Plank Hold and stay in it as long as can hold it. Once you break immediately get back into a plank position and perform 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps. While trying to not break the Plank Hold immediately start open the 20 Bird Dogs. When finished with those flip over and start directly into a max effort 6” killer hold. When you finally break that immediately grab your element and start on the 20 Russian Twists immediately followed by 20 Flutter Kicks. Once you get through the kicks that’s one round completed. Rest as long as you need and complete 4 more rounds of this scheme. Resting as needed in-between rounds.


The weight for this workout should be light or moderate. We don’t want the Russian twists taking too long.


The intended stimulus for this workout is interval type pace. When you're performing the round the intensity should be somewhat high. Then resting as needed in between.

Scales and Mods

Planks can be dropped to the knees or done on a couch or bench.

Shoulder taps would get the same modification.

Bird Dogs modify to just moving your arm and then your leg. Instead of both at the same time

Let's Get It!!!

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