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2 Rounds of

:30 sec High Knees in place

:30 sec Knee Taps

:30 sec Jumping Jacks

:30 sec Plank hold

:30 sec Shoulder Taps

:30 sec Rest


The Longest Mile

4 Rounds For Time

10 Burpees

100m Run

10 Air Squats

100m Run

10 Push-Ups

100m Run

10 Sit-Ups

100m Run

At 3...2...1...Go! You will start with 10 Burpees then you'll take off for a 100 meter run. After that, you will perform 10 Air Squats then do another 100 meter Run. When you get back from that Run you will complete 10 Push Ups then go on another 100 meter Run. Finally, you will perform 10 Sit-Ups then another 100 meter run. That's one round. Your score is the time it takes to perform all 4 rounds.

The intended stimulus for this workout is kind of that of a Hero workout. Just hopefully not as long and horrible. Because of all the stopping and starting it‘s important to have a sense of urgency. Push this baby as much as you can without compromising safety or technique.

Feel free to scale these movements to whatever you can move through pretty quickly. At least in the early rounds. 😜

Lace up those runners and get to work!

And don't be afraid to really push this one. Tomorrow is rest day!!!

Lets get it!!!

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