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3 Rounds Not For Time

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Air Squats

10 PVC Deadlifts

10 PVC Passovers

:30 Sec Plank Hold


12m EMOM


3 Burpees

3 Sit ups


10 Jumping Air Squats


At 3…2…1…Go! You will perform 3 Burpees and 3 Sit ups, that's the even minutes. When the next minute turns over you will perform 10 Jumping Air Squats, that's the odd minutes. You will keep this every minute on the minute rep scheme until the 12 minutes are complete. If you have spare time in-between minutes you can rest until the next minute starts. If you do not finish all of the reps in that minute technically you’re done but if you’d like to keep working out just take the time you have left and treat this like an AMRAP where you would perform 3 Burpees, 3 Sit ups, and 10 Jumping Air Squats as 1 round until the time is out. There is no score for this workout but we will put something in Wodify so you can put notes in.


The intended stimulus for this workout is kind of like intervals and then, survival.

Let us Get It!!!

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