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3 Rounds Not For Time

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Windmills per leg

10 Air Squats

10 Frankenstein's per leg


5 Rounds For Time

20 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts

50m Farmers Carry

10 (Per Arm)Single Arm Kettlebell Push Press


5 Rounds For Time

20 Sandbag Deadlifts

50m Farmers Carry

10 (Per Arm)Single Arm Sandbag Push Press


At 3…2…1…Go! You will start with 20 DB Kettlebell. After that you will perform a 50 meter Farmers Carry followed by 10 Push Press per arm with a KB that’s one round. Your score is the time it takes to complete all 5 rounds.


The weight for this workout should be heavy. As heavy as you can safely get through it.


The intended stimulus for this workout is a slow pace lower heart rate bruiser type workout.

Scales and Mods

There aren’t many changes you can do to the movements themselves. Just try and lower the weight or grab smaller more manageable elements.

Let's Get It!!!

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