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Congratulations to the Fort Lauderdale Lions on bringing home another Championship!!! As the Lions official sponsors for 2020 we could not be more proud.


3 Rounds Not For Time 100m Run

10 Standing Toe Touches

10 Air Squats w/:0 3-sec pause at the bottom

:30 Plank Hold

20 Plank Position Shoulder Taps

"The Pride"

For Time

90 Double Unders Katie Canning

80 Lunges Jaime Gold

69 Push Ups Paul Moran

43 Sit Ups Amber Bost

27 Burpees Mario Santaella

21 Box Jumps Madalyn Determan

13 Sandbag Deadlifts Marcos Medina

12 Sandbag Hang Cleans Alex Person

11 Sandbag Shoulder to Overheads Niko Vandevoorde

10 Sandbag Ground to Overheads Brandon True

9 Sandbag Goblet Squats Robbie Rodriguez

8 Sandbag Thrusters Eric Cardona

5 Sandbag Clusters Emiliana Guerral

3 Sandbag Devils Press Brielle Macchiarelli

1 800m Run Laura Sanchez

00 Rest Nicole Arcamonte


At 3…2…1…Go! You will start with with 90 double unders or 180 singles. Followed by

80 Lunges, 69 Push Ups, 43 Sit Ups, 27 Burpees, 21 Box Jumps, 13 Sandbag Deadlifts, 12 Sandbag Hang Cleans, 11 Sandbag Shoulder to Overheads, 10 Sandbag Ground to Overheads, 9 Sandbag Goblet Squats, 8 Sandbag Thrusters, 5 Sandbag Clusters and 3 Sandbag Devils Press. You will complete the workout with 1 800m Run and 00 rest like the Fort Lauderdale Lions had this past weekend when they brought home the ship!!!!!

Your score is the time it takes to complete all the reps.


The intended stimulus for this workout is a low-intensity steady push. Smooth is the name of the game on this on. As we say in GRID Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.

Don’t come out the gate too hot. Find a good pace settle in and get these reps done.


Check out the last day of competition at the recording livestream below.

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