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One Heavy Thing

4 Rounds for Time

10 Deadlifts

50m Farmers Carry

10 Overhead Presses

50m Lunges

10 Floor Presses

50m Farmers Carry

10 Squats

50m Lunges

Disclaimer: This workout is designed for ONE HEAVY THING. That could be a Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Barbell, Weight Plate, Sandbag, Backpack, Rock, Water Jug, Nephew, Cousin, whatever you can use.

And you can use whatever lifting style that suits the element. One hand or two your life!

We'll even let you break the reps up however you see fit.

Just make sure you’re doing quality reps and you’re playing safe. Also, make sure you put notes in Wodify so when we retest you can recreate the same stimulus and kill your time!

Got it?...good!

At 3...2...1...Go! You will perform 10 Deadlifts. Next you will pick up your element walk 50 meters and do 10 Overhead Presses with it. After that, you will do weighted walking lunges back to the start(50 meters). Next, you will complete 10 Floor Presses with the element and carry it 50 meters. Finally, you will do 10 Squats and then, lunge back 50 meters. That’s one round. Your score is the time it takes to complete 4 rounds. 😐

The weight for this workout should be moderate to heavy. We want something challenging but remember you will be pressing overhead and upwards with the floor press. Choose something you’re confident you can do and please test the weight with all of these movements to make sure it all works and it's safe. Please keep in mind lower back safety with all these movements.

The intended stimulus for this workout is a slow paced knuckle dragger. If you can haul ass on this, you didn’t go heavy enough.

Let’s get it!!!

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