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Garage (RX) and Minimal

For Time

50 Shoulder Taps (High Plank)

400m Run

Accumulate 1 min plank

800m Run

Accumulate 1 min plank

400m Run

50 Shoulder Taps (High Plank)

The only way through it to do it!!!

No time to bullshit. Let's get right into the meat of this thing.

At 3...2...1... go you'll start chipping away. Completing one movement then move on to the next. For example, you'll perform 50 Shoulder Taps. Then run 400 meters (.25 Mile). When you get back you'll do the 1 minute of planking, then run 800 meters (.5 Mile) and on down the list. Finishing with the second 50 Shoulder taps.

Here is a great video on scales and modifications for the Shoulder taps. Here!

This is basically some running and ab workout so feel free to wear runners. Normally we don't suggest to wear runners. More of a crosstraining shoe is better. Weight lifting with pillows under your feet isn't optimal. But today...Lace those babies up!

The names of the movements above are links to demo videos if you don't know ow what it is. And you can reach us at And to get to someone really fast hit up our Facebook.

We definitely love hearing from you so please feel free to reach out.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Let's get it!!!

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