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3 plates, wheels, caddies or whatever you call it. 315 lbs is a weight I used to squat a lot, and for reps. I knew whenever I loaded up 3 plates I could always get through it. These days I wasn't so sure. Building to a heavy squat takes a lot of work and maintaining a heavy squat takes just as much and I have not dedicated enough time in the past year to keep that heavy squat.

Recently, I have been hitting those heavier weights again and I have been wanting to see how heavy I could get. So this Saturday, with the gym to myself, I decided to max out my back squat, but there's something different about this comeback. There is a peace about not having a big squat anymore. I have made the decisions to focus my time and energy on other things and this has kept me from maintaining my strength and for the first time, I'm okay with that.

So my goal was to get to 315. I did. I got it up but it felt really fucking heavy. So i decided that was enough for the day. I got to my goal and I felt great about it.

In the past, I would let my old max and my old numbers kinda haunt me. Like, "I used to squat way more so I'm not allowed to get excited about this lift.". That's bull shit. Enjoy that lift. Enjoy the process...again. Don't let your past accomplishments shadow your present ones.

Now let's get after it!

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