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RFP+... I didn't know RoadieFit did that too!!!!

We have a version of our programming called RF Program Plus and we are super pumped about it!

RFP+ is based on our daily programming but it's tailored to you as an individual. We will do an initial analysis of your fitness level and what your fitness goals are. Then, we will create a custom version of our programming tailored to your needs and the equipment you have access to. For example, if you want to add some strength and size we'll drop some reps and add weight for you. Or the opposite, if you're trying to shed some lbs and have that ab poke out for when the beaches open we can hook you up. This program will also be released to you, one week in advance, on a personalized spreadsheet. There, we can input notes specific to you per each workout and you can notate how you felt after each training day.

We already do this for a few clients and of course spoil ourselves with these customizations and it has been a game-changer!

You send us videos and the results of your workouts and we'll track your progress using the same software we use every day for RoadieFit, Wodify, as well as apply Coach's Eye to your lifts and movements as seen in the video below.

You will be able to reach your coach directly for any questions, tips, and even some inspiration. To sign up for RFP+ Click Here now!!!

We also have an in-house nutrition coach that can design a meal plan around your needs and workouts to further dial in those results. That's the RoadieFit Plus Plus plan!

Whatever your needs are we can accommodate them here at RoadieFit. We have a small but talented team here at your disposal 24/7.

If you're interested in detailed pricing and scheduling complete our Custom Form Here.

You can check out a walkthrough of our tracking software, Wodify, below!

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