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Rhino Robbie

RF Hero Series #1:

"Rhino Robbie"

For Time

50 Devils Press

Every 2 minutes 20 Air Squats

To express our appreciation and gratitude for these everyday heroes, we are releasing workouts as a part of our "Hero" series. This is a small tribute from us here at RoadieFit to people in our extended family who are risking their lives to save ours.

In this Hero series, workouts will be released every Saturday and designed to honor a specific frontliner doing their part during this pandemic.

Robbie "The Rhino" Rodriguez is a Registered Nurse at Baptist Health South Florida working in the Covid-19 testing and respiratory area as well as the urgent care department. He loves his booty short workouts, Marvel, and competing! Robbie trains at CrossFit Soul, is a CrossFit Games regional athlete AND one of the strongest utility players in the Florida GRID League for the Fort Lauderdale Lions. 🌈

In the spirit of "Hero" workouts, this one is no breeze. At "3...2...1... Go!" you will start chipping away on the Devils Presses. While you're completing the 50 reps you have to keep an eye on the clock, because every 2 minutes you have to stop and do 20 Air Squats. Then, it's back to the Devils Presses until you complete all 50.

The Devils Press is a huge movement that sucks the air and life out of you real quick. Make sure you are keeping your core tight and don't let your back round at any point during the movement. The weight should be moderate to heavy, but shouldn't go over 55 for men and 35 for women.

If you don't have the equipment for Devils Presses or you need to modify change it to 75 burpees instead of devils press and get you some!

Have fun. Stay safe and PLEASE stay home for the sake of our heroes!

Let's get it!!!

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