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The Pandemic Evolution of RoadieFit for All

As you can see we're going through a growth period here at RoadieFit. Our programming is expanding to cover everyone from the gym to a hotel room. Along with that we’ve integrated the software/app Wodify to power it all. We couldn’t be more excited about all of the new additions so we just want to take a few minutes and tell you about them all. But first let’s talk about what we already do and how we started…

RoadieFit was started when Big Mike was on tour and trying to keep his workouts happening. Every day, creating new and creative ways to get a sweat in while on the road. Sometimes he would drop in at a local gym, but most of the time had to make do with limited to no equipment in the middle of nowhere. After seeing him do this every day, a few other motivated crew members saw this and wanted to join in. Not everyone could work out at the same time so he started writing the workouts down and sending them to the touring buddies. Eventually, after more than a few bros caught on, he needed to create a place where everyone could get the info and share the results. In came the Queen of RoadieFit and the actual talent, Courtney. She threw together a quick mobile app and it was born!

We’ve grown a lot since then and we’re just getting started. When we decided to turn RoadieFit into our business we envisioned a company that would program a tour’s worth of workouts for buddies on the road trying to get it in and form a community where we could all suffer together. We take a tour’s schedule and the gear they have and create a custom program to fit around the show dates, off days, and the fitness level of the crew. The plan is to expand this side of the business and travel with tours as well as popup backstage at festivals to provide hands-on workouts for our touring family.

During this pandemic, other people caught on who aren’t touring crew or travelers. Normal people just working out in their garages and even gyms have started joining us and it’s been amazing. Slowly but surely, we have continued growing in an organic way and we are more than happy to adapt and change along with the needs of our members.

This is why we have doubled down and incorporated these few key elements that deliver the quality of service that you will come to know from RoadieFit; advanced multi-version programming, a private members’ only FaceBook group, and a single platform to allow you to input your scores, compete against the RoadieFit fam and track your workouts and progress.

First, let’s talk about the programming… the daily workouts.

Each Daily Workout will have 3 versions; “Gym”, “Garage”, and “Minimal”.

-The “Gym” version is based around having normal gym equipment. Barbells, Pull-up Bars, Rowers, Bikes, Medicine Balls, etc. All the good stuff.

-The “Garage” version is built around having a few essentials. Some Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Maybe a Barbell, and possibly a way to do pull-ups.

-“Minimal” version assumes you don’t have much besides bodyweight or household items such as backpacks or sandbags.

It’s always up to you which version you do and it doesn’t have to be the same version each day. It all depends on what equipment you have available and your fitness level. For example, you could do the “Garage” one day then, the “Gym” the following day because you happen to have the equipment needed.

All of the versions are adaptations of the same workout and fit into the weekly programming cycle. The weekly cycle is based on a 5 day workout plan. Monday through Friday will be workouts that progressively work together to advance your overall fitness. We will be throwing in a Saturday workout as well that will usually be a bonus workout and not necessarily part of the weekly cycle. If you miss a workout during the week we recommend doing the workout that you missed on Saturday. Sundays will always be rest days. Recovery is important!

Each day, when you complete the workout you will open the Wodify app and enter your score to get on the leaderboard and compete with the rest of the RoadieFit Fam. See the RoadieFit Fam Leaderboard!!

If you haven't done it already, check out our services and get signed up on Wodify for the new program! It's very very important that you go do this. Adding wodify to our world has completely changed the game around here.

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