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"V" Victoria Ashley RN

Gym (Crossfit)

For Time 21-15-9 reps of

Push Press 115/85

Front Squats 115/85

"V" Ups

Garage (RX)

For Time 21-15-9 reps of

Double Dumbbell or Kettlebell Push Press

Double Dumbbell or Kettlebell Front Squats

"V" Ups


For Time 21-15-9 reps of

Backpack/Object Push Press

Backpack/Object Front Squats

"V" Ups

Welcome back to the RoadieFit Hero Series and we have a good one for you. his isn't like a lot of hero workouts have your hands on your knees for 30 minutes. This is exactly the opposite.

At 3...2...1...Go! you will perform 21 Push Presses, 21 Front Squats, and 21 V Ups. Then 15 of each and then 9 of each. Your score is your total time to complete all the reps.

The intended stimulus of this workout is an all out sprint. With safety in mind of course. The point is to take the least amount of very short breaks possible. Go to the dark place and push. Then keep pushing. If you get done and you're not dead on the floor making noises like a human vacuum cleaner than you've done it wrong.

Push Press

Make sure you're being patient in the push out. When you dip down and drive back up you're creating a lot of quality momentum. Take advantage of that by waiting to push out until your knees are locked out and you're on your toes. At that point just lock your arms, push your head through, and repeat.

Front Squat

Try and think about pushing through your heels. It is very common in Front Squats to let the weight pull you forward and you in turn driving with your toes. If you feel this happening, slow down push those elbows high as you press out and that will keep you back on your heels.

V Ups

The video does a pretty good job demonstrating the movement. Modifications could include...

Alternating V Ups-One leg stays on the ground and the other one raises.

Knee raise V Up- Kindof like a crunch version of the V Ups

Hands down knee raise V Up- Basically the same as the previous modification but you keep your hands flat on the ground.

There you have it. Short and sweet and to the point. Nothing fancy here. Just a bunch of grit and get er done attitude.

Today we honor Travel Nurse, "V" Victoria Ashley, RN(@2firstnamezzz) a travel nurse currently working in the Neonatal ICU at Miami Children's Hospital. It has been challenging to find enough work as a specialized traveler during this pandemic as the overall census has dropped. Working in a specialized unit, there is not as much exposure to the virus but it’s unfortunate that due to visitor restrictions, not all family members are able to come meet their newborns. V loves people, music(she sings AND is learning to play the guitar), dogs, and fitness. She was a collegiate volleyball player in college, has been coaching and competing in CrossFit since 2013 and is a proud OG player on the @fortlauderdalelions!

We love honoring our nurses during this RF Hero Series. This allows us to shine some light and respect for our unsung heroes. Nurses are equipped with compassion and total badassness to not only be able to treat our family members better than their own but implement life saving measures beyond what someone without medical experience can comprehend. They're the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of their patients. They fight for them and they will always fight for them, regardless of the circumstance.

As we launch into this workout please take a minute and think about the people we're doing this for. The RF Hero Series is about honoring the people risking their lives to take care of us during this crisis. Those in the hospitals, ambulances, fire trucks, and squad cars who repeatedly step up and face this massive challenge we face today.

So when you're slowing down and about to take a break or give up think about our heroes. Let them inspire you. Dig down deep find some juice and keep going because that's what they do for us. And this is how we say thank you.

Have fun. Stay safe.

Let's get it!!!

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